Rock Park Treasure Trail



  • Your starting point is the Cenotaph War Memorial at Rock Park, near the Park Hotel

  • Remember the two rules: Don't touch the rocks and don't move the rocks

  • They are very well hidden so that you can only find them by following these instructions - we don't want members of the public to see them and think they can take them away as 'kindness' stones!

  • If you have a compass or one on your phone that will help, but you don't need one (OS locate app is free)

  • Remember to take some paper and a pencil to write down what picture pebble you find at each points. Remember there are 13 points.

  • At the bottom of the page are photos to help if you are stuck - but don't peep unless you need to!

  • Although younger children may enjoy using the photos as a photo trail instead of using clues!

  • Good luck!!

1. Take 16 steps towards Flanders Field bench (South East 135 degrees) .Look under the bushes behind bench.

2. Take the path alongside the road towards the Park Hotel entrance. Count 4 benches. Look behind tree on the left.


3. Stay on this path for about 20m. At small tree with white bark on the right, look left for the 'Autumn tree'.

4. Not far ahead you will see a  playground sign, check out the large tree behind the sign to the left.

5. Follow footpath alongside the road until you come to where the paths make a 'V' shape (not as far as the bowling green). Look in the tree in the middle of  the V.

6. Follow footpath towards football field, past the bowling green. Cross the road carefully and on the left, stand at the Millenary stone 930-1930. Walk on a bearing of 20 degrees or turn to your left if you are facing the stone and walk until you hit the wall. Search here.

7. Walk in a straight line from the Millenary stone to the mountain bike jump park, be careful of cars. Find the crocus field and open your eyes!

8. Go back to the footpath and walk towards Park school along the football fields, go past Eastside Football club hut and go up the steps on the right to the old railway line. Walk along the old railway line until you see the green sling hanging from a tree on the left. Look down the slope at the tree on the left and you will find number 8.

9. Go down the steps (no entry over the bridge) Half way down on the left look at the bottom of a fence post.

10. Walk along the river path back towards the Cenotaph. At lamp post 24 look in the tree stump.

11. At Coney Gut Bypass fallout stand on the grid above the waterfall and look below your feet.


12. Keep walking along the footpath until you get to the wall that ALL children like to walk along! Count the pyramid tops - when you get between number 6 and 7 look in the tree branches!

13. Nearly there! When you get to Coney Gut, Walk down the steps towards the sign. Turn right 90 degrees, walk 8 paces towards Barnstaple then take a step down the bank and look for the last pebble!

Congratulations - your mission is complete!!


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Photos if you need help!

No 1
No 2
No 3
No 4
No 5
Near No 6
No 7
Steps to No 8
No 8
No 9
No 10
No 11
No 12
No 13