Crow Point Treasure Trail

Remember £2 in exact change for toll road



The trail is about 3.5km so should take just over an  hour. 

Remember £2 for the toll road to Crow Point.

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Black and Red Down Arrow
This way round

  • Your starting point is the main car park at the end of the Crow Point toll road.

  • Remember the two rules: Please don't touch the painted pebbles and don't move the painted pebbles.

  • You can just use the instructions on your phone or print them off.

  • They are well hidden so that you can only find them by following these instructions - we don't want members of the public to see them and think they can take them away as 'kindness' stones!

  • Remember to take some paper and a pencil to write down what picture pebble you find at each point, or take a photo and put it on  our Facebook page. Remember there are 13 points.

  • At the bottom of the page are photos to help if you are stuck - but don't peep unless you need to!

  • Although younger children may enjoy using the photos as a photo trail instead of using clues!

  • Be careful when you get to the wooden boardwalk it is a bit rickety and there are some nails sticking up!

  • Good luck and enjoy!!

1.  In the car park head towards the blue boat in the top right hand corner of the car park (the estuary will be on your left) Follow the track from the Broadstrand Acorn sign and go to the sign where you might get shot!


2. Keep walking until you come to the T junction where you will see the start of the boardwalk. Take about 40 paces along the boardwalk and look down through the wooden slats. If you get to the big puddle you have gone too far!

3.If you have your wellies on, enjoy a splash through the puddle, if not take the sandy path on the right and follow round to the left until you get back to the boardwalk. Count 5374 wooden slats (only joking) Follow the roller coaster boardwalk to the bottom of the hill until you find the log sticking out from the boardwalk. Here you will be very happy!

4. Head to the beach. Walk past the acorn sign and turn right and 'surf the wave' to the large driftwood tree trunk!

5.Now for a lovely stroll along the beach towards the lighthouse! When you get to the large grey boulders (about a 10 min walk towards Instow) you will see two wooden posts in the sand dunes. Check behind one of them to find the next pebble. But which one?

6.Keep walking along the beach towards the lighthouse and you will see a long, eroded piece of pebbly concrete with lots of rusty iron loops sticking out. Have a look around for number 6.

7. When you reach the lighthouse, stand with your back towards the lighthouse and look at the sand dunes. Number 7 is hidden by one of the posts that you can see in the sand dunes - not the one with the flowers attached to the top.

8.Follow along the dunes up river until you round the point. Find the red and yellow boat swallowed up by the sand! You might want to sneak a peak at the photo of this one to spot Mike hiding the pebble!!

9. Hopefully you can get to the old  shipwreck in the middle of the bay as it's only small tides! Don't swim for it though!!

10. Follow across the bay to the other side and find 'the steps to nowhere!'

11. A stroll back along the estuary towards the car park will bring you to a nesting sign for birds. Believe in yourself and you will find the pebble!

12. Along a little further you will find the stones in the wire cages. As you look at the cages, have a search in the far right hand corner down low for number 12.

13. Nearly there - Just before you scramble up the path to the bench and the car park, have a look between the large grey rock groins on the beach for the final pebble.

Congratulations you have completed the trail! Hope you enjoyed your Adventure and remember to post your photos on our Facebook page!

Remember to post your photos and/or answers on our Facebook page link here 

Photos if you need help!

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Black and Red Down Arrow
This way round
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