Westward Ho! Treasure Trail



The trail is about 5km so should take about one and a half hours. 

High tide is 6pm on Saturday night and it's a spring tide so be careful walking back if you are doing the trail late in the afternoon as the last 3 pebbles are along the beach.

  • Your starting point is the Sandy Mere car park, Westward Ho!  half way along the pebble ridge where the lifeguard hut is in the summer.

  • Remember the two rules: Don't touch the painted pebbles and don't move the painted pebbles.

  • Also do not take any of your own rocks from the pebble ridge - I found these ones on a walk by the estuary at Fremington. 

  • You can just use the instructions on your phone or print them off.

  • They are very well hidden so that you can only find them by following these instructions - we don't want members of the public to see them and think they can take them away as 'kindness' stones!

  • Remember to take some paper and a pencil to write down what picture pebble you find at each point, or take a photo and put it on  our Facebook page. Remember there are 12 points.

  • At the bottom of the page are photos to help if you are stuck - but don't peep unless you need to!

  • Although younger children may enjoy using the photos as a photo trail instead of using clues!

  • Good luck and enjoy!!

1.  From the car park, look at Sandy Mere. On the left of the lake you will see a blue sign which says Northam Burrows. Have a look around the sign for your first pebble! Head back to the car park.

2. Take the road to the Visitor Centre. The path takes you round to the left. Follow the path and you will see some old wooden steps leading down to the lake. Go down the steps and have a look near the waters edge for pebble number 2.

3. Head back up the steps and keeping the Visitor centre on your right, follow the fence on your left going up the hill alongside the edge of the golf course. Follow the path until you get to 4 benches and find the 'grumpy' bench and number 3!

4. Keep following the path for about 400m and look behind the open gate for number 4.

5. When you come to the end of the fence, count 75 paces until you come to the long driftwood tree trunk with no bark on the left.  Have a good look around the trunk for number 5.

6. Walk past the waymark post with the Acorn on the right and keep walking past The Beware Golf sign. It's quite a trek to the washed up boat. Which end is the 'bow'? Think carefully to find number 6.

7. Keep on the trail and see if you can find the old white T mark for Hole number 8 on the edge of the golf course to find number 7 - that's not confusing at all is it! DO NOT go on the green by the new number 8!!

8. Keep following the acorn way marks but walk along the top of the pebble ridge. Find  a red warning sign, walk 50 paces and find the rusty iron loops on the rock armour sea defences on your left.

9. Continue along until the butterfly bench that makes us laugh - don't sit on it, you will probably fall off but here is number 9!


10. Time to head down to the beach and start walking back towards Sandy Mere car park along the beach. Keep walking until you see the back of a square sign on a post at the top of the pebble ridge above the rock armour. Find the tallest rock (in line with the post) and have a look around the back of the rock. You will find pebble number 10 on a shelf at the top of the rock! (Might be useful to look at the photos below for this one!)

11. Its a long walk back so enjoy the view and when you get to the tallest sand dune cliffs (about 15 mins walk) look for a long tree trunk washed up on the pebbles. Take a look around the tree trunk to find number 11. (look at the photo if unsure which log!)

12. Another stroll along the beach for 15 mins to find the Loch Ness Monster on the pebble ridge (log that looks like Nessie!) just before you get to the ramp back to the car park where the lifeguard hut is in the summer for number 12.

Congratulations you have completed the trail! Hope you enjoyed your Adventure and remeber to post your photos on our Facebook page!

Remember to post your photos and/or answers on our Facebook page link here 

Photos if you need help!

No 1
No 2
No 3
No 4
No 5
No 6
No 7
No 8
No 9
No 10
No 11
No 12
At the back on top of this rock
Black and Red Down Arrow