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Rosemoor Pebble Trail
7th & 8th  October 2023
@ A Festival of Flavours

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Black and Red Down Arrow
We are here in the woods
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Black and Red Down Arrow
Climbing tree


  • Your starting point is just outside the Garden Room where you entered Rosemoor.

  • Remember the two rules: Please don't touch or move the painted pebbles and please don't walk on any borders or flowers!

  • You can just use the instructions on your phone or print them off.

  • At the bottom of the page are photos to help if you are stuck - but don't peep unless you need to!

  • Although younger children may enjoy using the photos as a photo trail instead of using clues.

  • Good luck and enjoy!!


1. Go down the steps from The Garden Room and turn left. Follow the footpath as it turns to the right, then take the first left towards the Education Centre and find the Tree of Life!

2. Take the first turn to the left and find the cob building - peep through the 3rd window from the left!

3. Retrace your steps back to the Education Centre to the main footpath and turn left. Find the place where you can get married in winter! Take a seat and look high into the rafters!

4. Enjoy your stroll through the formal gardens and go into the Brash play area. Are you sitting comfortably ready for a story? if you are then look straight ahead to find pebble number 4!

5. Very close by you need to be batty to find number 5. Do bats like sliding?

6. Exit the Brash by the exit near the climbing tree and make your way down to the lake to find The Kids Adventure Company in the woods. Before you go through the gate look around at the red rhodi branches to find number 6.

7. Hope you had fun in the woods- now go and have a look down into the lake near the edge - your grown up may like to take a seat while you look down! 

8. Head up towards the climbing tree, but turn left to go over the lower bridge. Clip clop over the bridge but you may want to look over the side to find number 8.

9. At the path junction, turn right then first left to head under the bridge towards Lady Anne's garden. Take a Timotei moment at the waterfall (only the older Mums will get that one!). 

10. At the path junction, turn right and explore the Stumpery! In which stump would Harry Potter hide a stone?

11. Turn right out of the Stumpery and head for the Copse. Climb along the climbing wall from left to right (well there had to be some climbing!). Look through the gap in the climbing wall, what do you see?

12. Nearly there - Sail the Green ship wherever you fancy, but be sure to look through the telescope to see which way you are going!

Congratulations you have completed the trail! Hope you enjoyed your Adventure and remember to post your photos on our Facebook or Insta page!

Remember to post your photos and/or answers on our Facebook page link here 

Photos below if you need help!

No 1
No 2
No 3
No 4
No 5
No 6
No 7
No 8
No 9
No 10
No 11
Black and Red Down Arrow
No 12
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