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outdoor climbing


Outdoor climbing


Why not put into practice all the skills you have learnt indoor climbing and challenge yourself with one of our outdoor climbing sessions?

If you haven't tried climbing before, but fancy having a go don't worry, you can still come along and we will teach you everything you need to know to have a safe and enjoyable first experience.

We have several brilliant venues at Baggy Point, Valley of the Rocks and Dartmoor so come along and have a go!

adult climbing


Whether you are an experienced climber, someone who used to climb but your skills are a bit rusty, or you have never climbed before but fancy having a go, in North Devon we have some of the most stunning coastal climbing venues in the country. 

Get in touch for a friendly chat to discuss what you would like to do and we can make it happen for you!


family climbing


Remember that day when we went climbing together Dad?

I had the best time ever!

Some of the most exciting times are having adventures with your grown up. An experience shared, a memory for a lifetime.

Climbing together at Baggy Point ending with a hot chocolate as the sun sets. Laughing as your Dad tries to scramble up that climb you just aced!

These are the special times... just do it!

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