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The Big Camp Out - May 9th!

We have been getting lovely messages from loads of you saying how much you are missing your climbing and also your friends at climbing club.

So we thought it could be fun to have a night where we all camp out in our back gardens at the same time and we will organise a timetable of activities on Facebook that you can all join along with at the same time e.g. whittling, firelighting, climbing games etc. Then we can all sizzle sausages and toast marshmallows and finish with tales around the campfire together... sort of!

Obviously if you read this but you don't come to climbing club, we would love you to camp out with us too. The more the merrier and we are a very friendly bunch!!

After a good nights sleep under the stars we would love to see what you got up to so you can post photos of your camp and activties on our Facebook page!

This is our encampment at Easter when we camped out in our garden. If you look closely, you will spot Indi (our sprocker spaniel) in Noahs tent!

So go and tell your grown up that this is what you will be doing on the night of Saturday the 9th May and that you will need them to camp out with you! Also that you might need a bit of help next week getting ready, choosing a good spot in the garden for your tent and fire and finding things you will need like a tent, sleeping bags wood etc.

One of the activties will be baking Evie's famous brownies in the morning ready for tea so we will post the recipe next week along with anything else you may need to organise.

Go on, you know you want to and it will be so much fun - honest!!

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